An Introduction to the

Low Arousal Supports Educational Resilience (LASER) Approach


We are excited to announce this one-day training event in Denmark for the first time.  The LASER Approach was developed by Studio III by their Education Advisor, Gareth D Morewood.

The LASER Approach consists of eight sections that are designed to be delivered as a personalised approach for any setting where education is provided: maybe the home, specialist centres or mainstream schools.  Additional coaching and support allow a culture change, depending upon the individual needs identified.

The main elements of the LASER Approach fuse the critically acclaimed Saturation Model (Morewood et al, 2011) with Low Arousal Approaches, in the following eight areas:

  • Section 1: Stress and Well-being (of staff and for young people including the PERMA model)
  • Section 2: Whole-School Approaches (including The Saturation Model and co-production)
  • Section 3: Inclusion (including inclusive pedagogy, classroom structures and routines)
  • Section 4: Low Arousal Approaches (focus on key elements of Low Arousal)
  • Section 5: Reducing Restrictive Practices (including practical alternatives)
  • Section 6: De-Escalation (developing and embedding structures, practice and policy)
  • Section 7: Being a Reflective Practitioner (how to develop this as part of a systems approach)
  • Section 8: Developing metacognition and self-regulation (including Stress Support Plans/Passports)

This event will be a one-day introduction and is suitable for colleagues who consider them experienced practitioners and those new to Low Arousal Approaches as well.  It is also encouraged for families to attend as a strong element of this work is co-production and joint school-home working.


Gareth D Morewood

Gareth is the Educational Advisor for Studio III (  Previously he worked for 25 years in U.K. schools; 17 of which were as SENCo in a large, inclusive secondary school in the North West of England.  Gareth has extensive ‘front-line’ experience supporting schools, families and working directly with young people in the U.K. and abroad, particularly Chile, Dubai, Portugal, Ireland and Scandinavia.


Gareth is Co-Director of the LASER Programme, which fuses his critically acclaimed Saturation Model (Morewood, Humphrey & Symes, 2011) with Low Arousal approaches (McDonnell & Deveau, 2018) as part of a system-led model of inclusive practice.


Additionally, Gareth has been a Visiting Lecturer at various academic institutions, leading on Post-Graduate courses teaching non-adverse approaches supporting people with complex needs.


Website:         Twitter: @gdmorewood


Introduktionsdag til LASER

afholdes på Lindberg Fenger Kursus og videnscenter.

Ryttergrøftvejen 48, 7000 Fredericia.

Den 28-02-2024 fra kl. 09.00-15.00.

Pris 1000kr inkl. moms.

Der vil være morgenmad, frokost og kage. Samt vand, kaffe og te. Tilmelding på mail, eller på

Sidste tilmelding d. 28-01-2024.


OBS: Oplægget foregår på engelsk.


LASER 28. februar 2024